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A solo exhibition titled Salt and Light: a visual dialogue on climate change.

Salt and Light is a body of work inspired by the effects of climate change and draws attention to the mysterious and fragile beauty of our landscapes. A visual dialogue curated to evoke discussion between the creator and the spectator informed by photographic images both formed and found on the subject in question. This exhibition aims to stimulate a sense of curiosity, spark an emotional response that effectuates a deeper transformation to our thinking. It is a space to explore contemporary ways to understand the complexity of this ecological concern by employing a more lucid and accessible language. An invitation by the artist to engage in a poetic discourse and identify our role in this global issue by the means of reflection and consideration of the importance of preserving our landscape and the environment through the medium of photography.

31 oct - 5 nov   10 - 18:00

Location: 11 Dukes Lane, Brighton

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