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'Holy Light' series, 2017 - Set of 3 Prints

£50.00 GBP

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Limited edition 3 postcard style prints from 'Dérive Diaries' series.

Holy Light i
Holy Light ii
Holy Light iii

Dérive Diaries 
is a long-term visual diary of my travels across the world over the years. These images celebrate the overlooked and banal fleeting moments observed and recorded through both film and digital medium. This series is on-going and ever-evolving. As new adventures take place, new images become part of this body of work.

Photographed on 35mm colour film in Austria.

Medium: Archival C-type print

Size: 105 x 150 mm

Edition: 25

Year: 2017

All prints are signed, dated, and editioned on the reverse.

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