Alternative Canada  |  2017


This series borrows its premise from personal experience. I used a visual language of photography with a motif of psychogeography, to process the memories and physical accounts of my journey.

After almost a year of self-conflict, in 2017 I decided to heed an inner calling and left England for a new life in Canada. With a heart full of questions, a direction without a path and my mind filled with unsolicited thoughts, a sentiment was invoked that profoundly changed the course of my journey, then and now,

“Well, this must be alternative Canada!”

From the moment of its inception, this sentiment intuitively set my mind and gaze in motion, and I consciously photographed my journey from this viewpoint. In a state of loneliness and despair, I photographed all that reached out to me, attempting to navigate my way through a place that felt foreign to me, physically, socially, and psychologically.

The resulting images portray a fragile memory map, charged with elements of confusion and curiosity, isolation and abandonment, loss of love and the yearning to belong. The series also attempts to explore the behavioural effects of social and psychological stress on one’s mental health, emotional state, and identity, triggered by the futile attempt to emigrate, and the long-term impact these effects have on the construction of one’s future.

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